Laluneduciel comes from the French words 'The Moon in the Sky'

Core Values:
Artistic & Aesthetic  
Decent & Devotion
Creativity & Courageous 
Versatility & Independence                                                                             

How are our garments made?

  • Original Design 

Create charming garments with unique designs and exquisite workmanship. We have always believed that original design will make us unique. The design, details, and craftsmanship of each piece of clothing have been carefully designed and discussed by various departments within our brand. Beauty is unique, our outfit too.

  • Exclusive Customized Fabrics
    Proper tailoring and exclusive customized fabric purpose for better wearing effect. We have cooperated with dozens of factories to provide us good fabrics, customized printing, jacquard or special craftsmanship. Some fabrics are rare, only for a few styles, unique or even out of print.
    • The Pursuit of Details

    Details make the difference. As small as a customized button or a lace ruffle, we all strive for perfection. The special quality inspection department guarantees the high quality of our products.

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